by Bindiya Gordhan, OTR/L, AWC, Reiki Master

Can your balanced state be different from mine, or anyone else?

The human body is a mirror of our physical environment. The space we inhabit, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the heat of the sun, and the earth underneath our feet are all examples of the physiological structures outside of our bodies reflected in our elemental compositions. The five elements, known as the pañca mahābhūtas, are earth, water, fire, ether(space), and air. The elements are fundamental building blocks of nature including all natural things such as fruits, vegetables, grains, plants, herbs, animals, and humans!

Each natural thing has a specific balanced state at the time it is created, in humans this happens at conception. At birth you have a specific amount of each element leading you to have a specific dosha constitution. Based on many things, including your parents’ state of balance & environmental factors that were present at the time of your conception, your unique balanced state was determined (known as prakrti). It is at this moment that a person’s physiological and psychological tendencies become fixed. This means your innate balance state will be different from mine, or anyone else.

When a person is not in their unique innate balanced state, disease begins to form (known as vikṛti). On the flip side, health is when you are in your innate balanced state. Therefore, as you can see, health and wellness are not a “one size fits all”. Health and wellness have to be looked at in a holistic and individualized way. To find out more about the responsibility of each dosha and how it affects your body, stay tuned for our next blog!

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