About Us

The Holistic Healing Center

Multiple Practitioners & Therapies Under One Roof

The Holistic Healing Center was founded in February 2003 demonstrating the benefits of alternative medicine and to provide patients with convenient access to a broad spectrum of therapies and healthcare practitioners. Patients are given information on each practitioners skill and an explanation of all services available. The option of alternative medicine is clearly presented, and the choice becomes an educated one
made by the patient.

The Holistic Healing Center offers patients the most appropriate and expedient care for their condition. All therapies are optional, and all suggestions are gently made. The convenience and familiarity of having varied treatments and care-givers in one place, creates a comfort level for patients and lends itself to an easy atmosphere at the HHC. Close proximity also encourages immediate communication and sharing of information between practitioners for the betterment of the patient. HHC hopes our patients will understand the body in a different way so that cause and effect is more obvious and the patients will then know what to do for their own health.

Because of the relationship established between the community and the practitioners, the HHC has relied mostly on “word of mouth” advertising. The positive feedback from clients and patients has been very generous.


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