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Acupuncture & Herbal Consultations:

Acupuncture, existing for thousands of years, is the insertion of a hair-thin needle into a specific point of energy (Qi) on the body to simulate a physiological change. It increases circulation, stimulates the body to release corticosteroids (the body’s own anti-inflammatory) and endorphins (the body’s own pain relievers). Acupuncture stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Chinese Herbal & Nutritional Consultations
are done to support the body’s system in optimizing health. Traditional Chinese powder herbs are custom blended or pill form recommended for the ‘syndromes’ recognized through Tongue diagnosis, pulse reading and questions.

Micro Current Acupuncture
This Needle-less form of Acupuncture, is based on the body having a micro-current “circulatory system”, similar to the theory of the Chinese meridian system. It provides intercellular communication through electromagnetic signaling utilizing micro-currents which have documented its ability to reduce pain, stimulate and even shorten the healing process. The current run into the body via wet cotton tips placed upon Acupuncture points having a similar effect to that of traditional needles. This technique is very effective for those who do not tolerate Acupuncture yet wish to have all the benefits.

Anti-aging Treatments
Microcurrent Face Lift



Chiropractic is a science based on the fact that good health is dependent upon a nervous system which functions properly. A major portion of the nervous system, the spinal cord, is housed within the spinal column (backbone). These spinal nerves branch out directly or indirectly to control and coordinate many body functions, such as the digestive, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine (glandular), lymphatic and reproductive systems. The most delicate parts of the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, are enclosed in a hard bony covering, the skull and the spinal vertebrae. Normal flow of energy through these nerves keeps the body functioning normally, but when there is an interruption of this energy, parts of the body cannot function normally and the state of ill-health or disease begins.

Muscle Testing
Muscle Testing, also known as applied Kinesiology, uses the body’s muscles (usually the arm muscles) to determine certain body weaknesses. In a carefully controlled testing situation, the strong muscle response is compared with any weak muscle response. This is an example of how the body can be used as a gauge of its inner functioning. Simply put, we utilize your own body to determine where dysfunction or problems are occurring.


Massage Therapies:

Swedish Massage – A combination of Swedish (gentle, long strokes of light pressure), Petrissage (gentle kneading) and trigger point therapy (firm pressure on specific tight areas). Great for general relaxation and muscular tension release.

Lymphatic Massage – Light pumping motions following the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and increase circulation. Good in conjunction with Liver/Bowel detoxification programs or chronic illness.

Hot Stone Massage – Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing and helps tight muscles release.
Aromatherapy Massage – Swedish massage with light to medium pressure best for relaxation with use of botanical oils to refresh, restore and revitalize. Perfect for relieving stress and harmonizing.

Thai/Shiatsu – An interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and pressure along energy lines. Therapeutic for chronic muscle tension and stiffness

Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Using light pressure/touch, cranio-sacral therapy is a non-invasive hands on healing that alleviates soft tissue restrictions from the skull and internal head (brain) to the sacrum (tail bone) increasing cerebral fluid circulation. Decrease pain, muscle stiffness and tension throughout the body and increase focus, memory and range of motion in your extremities. Head trauma, headaches, neck stiffness and right-left alignment issues respond well to this therapy.

Reflexology – Firm pressure applied to feet and/or hands where “Microsystems” of the body reflect themselves encompassing all the systems of the body. When body pain is too tender to touch or it is all over, this therapy helps to stimulate the whole body for regulation and healing.


Facial Treatments:

Skincare and Facials


Other Therapies:

Somatic Emotional Release – Non-invasive hands-on therapy with light touch that focuses on clearing cellular memory of physical, mental and emotional trauma. This therapy is good for inner peace and wellness by encouraging release of traumatic injury memories.

Reiki Energy Therapy – Non-invasive hands-on healing therapy originating early 20th century Japan, where energy flows through the palms to bring about healing. Increases energy flow and can reduce pain.

Wellness Therapy – These therapeutic sessions give you strategies and tools to create restorative space: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for a healthy, sustainable way of being. Build upon personal strengths; deepen internal relationship; and fortify internal motivation for long-term change. This holistic approach addresses seven areas of life and development that lay the foundation for health, wellbeing, and an improved quality of life.


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