Myra Miller, PhD CHHC

Myra Miller, PhD CHHC

 Wellness Therapy

Practitioners Statement

Dr. Myra Miller, PhD CHHC
For more than 15 years, Dr. Myra Miller has provided consults, individual/group coaching, psychotherapy/counseling, educational programs, and learning retreats. Dr. Myra’s whole-person approach helps you create a healthy, sustainable way of being; restore health (i.e., chronic pain and health conditions); balance and heal aspects of your life (including trauma); and deepen your inner relationship.

Wellness Therapy ($100, 1 hr session)
For many people, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, difficulty sleeping, pain, and health conditions have become a regular part of day-to-day living. These therapeutic sessions give you strategies and tools to create restorative space: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for a healthy, sustainable way of being. Build upon personal strengths; deepen internal relationship; and fortify internal motivation for long-term change. This holistic approach addresses seven areas of life and development that lay the foundation for health, wellbeing, and an improved quality of life.

You’ll be able to walk away with:
· Overview of the body’s underlying challenges when we attempt to make lifestyle or habit changes
· A “non-doing” approach to shift feeling stuck/overwhelmed or a lack of motivation/consistency
· Tools (including meditation) to gain clarity and successfully move forward with holistic alignment
· Techniques for reducing inflammation, strengthening immunity, and optimizing overall health

Who/what is this good for?
These therapeutic sessions are for people who want positive change; but, feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed with keeping up with life. The sessions are also for people who have tried different methods, techniques, and practices; but, feel challenged with staying connected or engaged and consistent. Receive help to create restorative space internally as well as within your lifestyle and home/office.

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