Jenette Traverson

Jenette Traverson

We are all being asked to drop into our hearts… it’s true it’s all un-chartered territory. But this is where our beauty, rich abundance, and soulful vibes are accessed.

  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Intuitive Healer & Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Shamanic Healer & Reiki Master

Practitioners Statement

I’ve been on this healing journey my entire life, I’m a Reiki Master since 1999 and work with Vibrational Energy Medicine with thee Angels, a Spiritual Mentor, Shamanic Healer, Medical Intuitive, and heart-centered teacher and guide. Each month I share New Moon Meditations, Women’s Workshops, and offer all three levels of Usui Reiki. I also offer classes and workshops for spiritual growth and transformation.

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I took a leap of faith and followed my Soul’s Calling… In my 20’s and 30’s I was a single mom and worked in the Corporate World in Sales and Marketing. Many times, I received a strong inner nudge to change careers to work and share my intuition and healing knowledge but was filled with fear unsure if I could be financially stable and provide for myself and young son.

In my late 20’s I had a major health scare when I found out I had Cancer. I was a young mom with a son and again enormous fear set in. I was determined to learn, understand, and heal my body, but motherhood was my love and passion. I planned a long life and to be here for my son and knew I still had so much work to do. That was my “why” and it inspired me on a deeper healing journey to understand why and how to heal my body. This took me into many old stories and limiting beliefs I had since a child, but it was time to shift the old beliefs I was vibing from and step into more of my purpose and interests. After this, I studied with Dr. Janolyn Moore and was certified in her “Golden Energy Healing” which opened a powerful connection and deep inner knowing into my intuition and healing gifts.

In my 30’s I injured my lower back at work herniating a disc, this created more setbacks and challenges, but set me further on my path and this is when I stepped into and embodied my Calling as an Intuitive Healer. I was determined to avoid back surgery and understand my body even more. I was told I had nerve damage and that it was unrepairable that nerves don’t heal, but that didn’t feel right to me. So I explored alternative Healing Modalities like Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbs and Essential Oils, Visualization, and more Energy Healing. My body slowly healed, my knowledge grew and yes the damaged nerves healed. I knew I had to make a career change and so I was certified as a Usui Reiki Master and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Now I had more confidence, felt secure with these new healing systems, and overcame the fear and took that leap of faith and have been in the healing arts for over 20 years.

I love mentoring and guiding clients on their personal journey toward healing and transformation for Personal and Business. Working together, I share with clients ways to realign and reconnect to their heart, and heal old limiting beliefs and patterns so they can embody a life they love..

We teach often from personal experience, my personal challenges and trauma’s shaped a lot of what I now offer and share. I help clients clear blocks and limiting beliefs that they know are there, but can’t put their finger on the specifics, and guide them to tap into their inner wisdom shifting their lives for exponential growth.

When we are ready, we know…it often feels like a place of no return. Through our willingness to explore we can embrace and heal some of our deepest layers. When we release our old judgements, forgive ourselves and those we’ve blamed for years, we free ourselves to take new positive action. This is profound and our healing and transformation opens new doors.

As we navigate our day to day life challenges we often overlook our personal needs. In the process we lose touch and forget we are incredible be-ings filled with knowledge and solutions. We often fall into a cycle of survival and self-preservation. It’s as if we had amnesia and forgot our core truth is unconditional love and abundance.

All of that is changing now… we are ready to remember, ready to call in and access our wisdom through our connection to Source/God/Creator within and out.

Over the years, I’ve helped many clients heal core wounds, shift limiting patterns, transmute blocks, and move through abuse and trauma from present and past life experiences. It’s so powerful to heal and transmute limiting beliefs from dysfunctional patterns in our Parental and Ancestral Lineages.

My work goes deep and the profound peace it brings is Priceless.

My journey is a lot like other women, although what we each feel is very personal to each of us. I grew and learned so much from sexual abuse, Cancer, financial struggles, divorce, and personal loss. When I was 40 one of my hardest losses was a period of 3 months where I lost my father and 2 other special male mentors in my life. Their wisdom, support, and inspiration encouraged me often to follow my path and never settle or give up no matter what.

I was always determined to heal, learn, and grow from all of this so I could help and guide others. Through these challenges I learned more about myself, my strengths and vulnerabilities, my gifts of healing and intuition, and my endless faith in God/Source was key. My Angels never left my side and when we are we are ready our teacher(s) and guides always appear.

I too had to work through limiting beliefs and heal deep core wounds from both of my parent’s lineages that were passed on for generations. Trust me it wasn’t easy, but I knew I had to do it and go deep. Doing so I remembered knowledge from many lifetimes and tapped into ancient healing wisdom I practiced in other lifetimes.

In this lifetime, I’ve been honored to work alongside powerfully gifted and deeply spiritual indigenous medicine men and their powerful medicine and ceremonies were life changing for me. I learned how and was encouraged to blend ancient traditions with my personal medicine to share and use in my daily life and healing practice’s. I learned that we all have medicine ways although we might call it something different. There’s incredible knowledge within all of us and when we are ready it’s easier than we realize to access it.

I realized it was important to give myself permission to acknowledge all that I am and all the parts of me I withheld from sharing. I now acknowledge my sensitive nature, intuition, mediumship, empathic abilities, and my incredible relationship with Thee Angels.

On this journey I am grateful to all the teachers and wise ones I’ve worked with and their encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom. I have an incredible connection with an Angelic Healing Team, and beautiful and soulful wise teacher Bette Porter who has shared incredible insights and wisdom over the years and eternally grateful to her. I’ve also studied:

  • Herbal healing with Herbalist, Marti Galione
  • Certified with Dr. Richard Schultz’s Herbal Cleanse and Detox Program
  • Certified Golden Energy Healer with Dr. Janolyn Moore
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Usui Certified Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Vibrational Energy Medicine utilizing Energetic Frequencies
  • Touch for Health
  • Reflexology
  • Bach Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Angelic Vibrational Essences
  • EFT
  • Apex Homeopathy and Nutritional Supplements classes and workshops

Sessions with Jenette Traverson –

We are each born with our personal “Soul’s Blueprint for this lifetime” and no two are alike. Our bodies are record keepers and retain cellular memory of all our experiences especially trauma or extreme stress. Some are known and others are hidden and sometimes events trigger them bringing it to our awareness.

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The emotional, mental, and physical trauma and stress is stored as cellular memory. As a result, our bodies tell a story and many aren’t aware they carry this, until it becomes too much. It can affect our confidence, job, relationships, finances, health, and may create overwhelming doubt and confusion. Sometimes this is a wake-up call to get our attention and it’s up to us to listen and follow through.

Yes, we can heal and release the old emotional, mental, and physical stress stored as cellular memory in our body with helpful tools, guided energy work and an experienced healing practitioner. By centering in our hearts and remembering our “I am” presence we feel the resonance of love within and raise our vibration allowing this energy to clear and transmute. When we are open to forgive ourselves and all that was it gives us permission to feel it…that’s when we heal it. Once we know, we can’t un-know it.

Everything is energy, even emotions good or bad etc., and they register as various frequencies. The lower vibration’s/frequencies over time can disrupt the body’s natural state of health and wellness. After awhile, this may lead and contribute to dis-ease in the physical body. It can also affect the quality of our life and/or interactions with others personally and professionally. We always have a choice to shift our beliefs, thoughts, and vibration.

The Intuitive healing sessions I offer help you access and release old trauma and stress. Are you ready to move forward? Clarity is gained through understanding our story, forgiving, and making peace and we then we heal knowing we did our best with what we knew at that time. You are not broken or damaged and what awaits you on the other side of this is so incredible.

It’s important to know when all of this happened, we did our best with what we knew then. Often, we learned to soothe and comfort ourselves with food, sex, drugs, destructive habits or other means of comfort. The choice to comfort ourselves doesn’t make us bad, it makes us human. With the right tools we can release the old traumas stored as cellular memory and create a healthier way of being.

During a Session, we will explore the energetic imbalances, any old patterns and beliefs held as cellular memory. This helps us to understand the story held and currently being expressed in your life. When we understand our old story, are able to forgive and release it, we accelerate healing and transformation on so many levels.

The Sessions I offer are designed to empower you, help you move forward when you feel stuck, live your life free of limiting beliefs, and break the cycle of old repeating patterns. Are you ready to create life you love?

I can help you:

  • facilitate your personal and/or business growth
  • shift your mindset
  • recognize the limiting patterns
  • embrace and embody transformation
  • achieve financial success
  • create optimal health and wellness

All Sessions are Personal and Confidential.

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