Vanvisa Gitjarunglert

Dr. Vanvisa Gitjarunglert, B.S., D.C.

Trigger Point Therapy

About Dr. Vanvisa

I am a board certified and licensed Chiropractor with more than nine years of experience in examining and treating patients from various ages. Evaluating, consulting, analyzing diagnostic studies, chiropractic adjustment/manipulative treatments, and diagnosing patients’ health conditions such as but not limited to postural imbalance, musculoskeletal, stress management, and neuromuscular problems.

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and moved to Ventura a few years ago. I was interested in chiropractic because of my mother. My mother was a seamstress and the constant forward head carriage caused her to suffer constant, severe, migraine headaches along with neck and upper back pain. She doesn’t like to take oral pain medications and her form of treatment was salonpas (menthol heat patches) to relieved the muscles tension, increase blood and nerve flow. She would use it so often that her skin became sensitive to the patches. When I got into chiropractic, my mother was my first patient. She would get chiropractic adjustments three times per week along with neuromuscular therapy. Her migraine headaches, neck and upper back pain symptoms slowly subside with consistent alternative treatments. Certain health conditions can be treated alternatively without the use of expensive toxic medications.

In my spare time, my family and I travel and food hop. My favorite foods are Thai, Korean, and Japanese food. Most of my travel destinations are near water, maybe because I feel very serene and relaxed there.

I have worked at various fast pace multi-disciplinary practices throughout the years and discovered that it is not for me. Our health should not be dealt with like a fast food restaurant. It needs time and patience, that is the reason why I decided to join Holistic Healing Center.


Doctor of Chiropractic – Cleveland Chiropractic College, December 2004
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology – Cleveland Chiropractic College, April 2002

Treatments & Therapies

Ischemic Pressure
NeuroMuscular re-education
Trigger-point Therapy

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