Melanie Clow

Melanie Clow

 Holistic Health Coach

Practitioners Statement

Melanie Clow is a Holistic Health Coach who helps her clients meet their health goals through diet changes, detoxes, exercise, meditation, and much more. As a woman who has had to deal with many of her own health related issues, Melanie found out a long time ago that Western medicine practices do not help people heal so she turned to holistic health and has never looked back.

Melanie is passionate about health, and has been practicing holistic health for herself since 2007 and just recently passed her holistic health mastery final and became a certified practitioner. She is a certified 200hr RYT yoga instructor and is continuing her yoga education through the accredited organization Yoga Medicine. Melanie believes that health not only comes from eating and exercising, but through the mind, which is why she is also a certified Reiki practitioner and Shamanic energy work practitioner.

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